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The 2022 CDC study revealed that 46% of healthcare workers experienced frequent burnout, a notable increase from 32% in 2018. Another study in JAMA Network Open highlighted that over 25% of nurses left the healthcare field due to burnout or emotional exhaustion. These findings underscore the critical importance of healthcare leaders prioritizing their mental well-being.

Through interactions with clinicians participating in our training programs to achieve enhanced health outcomes through holistic treatment and care plans, we have received firsthand accounts of their experiences. These clinicians have actively sought insights on how embracing holistic approaches could help them better manage the stress associated with their professions while balancing work and home responsibilities. The Lead Well program was developed to support and solve these needs.


While numerous leadership programs are already available to equip leaders with the necessary skills to handle the challenges and successes of leading a team or organization, our program goes one step further. 


As a leader, you may face unexpected challenges that can be linked to hidden traumas from your childhood. These can negatively impact your ability to lead effectively. Our program has been designed to help you navigate these situations and overcome any obstacles that may arise. 


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